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You've got cards 

Are they boring?

You have got your mobile strategy right and your apps are finally usable. Your customer service rating is improving, your benefits package is outstanding.Maybe you've even organised some card linked offers for your card base.


Your online banking is second-to-none and you are passionate about your organisation's direction and vision. Yet there is still something that just doesn't seem right


"Your customers are registering their bank cards

with multiple external loyalty programmes!"


Every time they do so, all the fantastic merchant funded rewards they receive in those programmes are not associated with your bank or your card.

We can help 

To change that!

Intelligent and beautiful way ! At Cashbackpoint we recognise that your customers trust you with their money. We value that relationship, and we want to add value to that relationship. What better way to do so than by helping your customers make their money go further, in a seamless,


No QR codes, no barcodes, no activating offers, no hassle, no points, no prizes no fluff. Just simple cashback rewards, released and deposited into their bank account with you, each time they spend enough in our partner merchants to generate $50 in cashback.


Any cardholders you refer can have their cashbackAPP internally branded to your organisation and you'll be able to message them at any time. Upon an agreement being reached, we will block your customer's BINS from being enrolled by any other organisation. We will also pay you every time a cashback transaction is completed by one of your cardholders. You can use this money for any purpose, however, should you choose to use this money for your social responsibility programmes, our partnership with Catalyst will double it.We require no data from you and integration can be as light or as involved as you determine. Your role in a cashbackAPP partnership would be that of marketer to your cardholders. 


We are already working with several banks, card issuers, programme managers, and wallet providers and would welcome the opportunity of exploring opportunities with you.


If you prefer full white label branding or full integrations to your exisiting mobile apps and websites, all of this, and more, can easily be achieved with our extensive API.



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