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Country Development Agents


You will need to be a solid team player, professional enough to work to our strategy, yet entrepreneurial enough to steer your own ship. You will need to be willing to learn fast, trust, be patient, solvent, and well connected. You will need to speak English, be confident of your own ability, persuasive, and be able to discern which of the many opportunites that come your way daily are worth persuing and which you should not focus on. We beleive this is the best business in the world and we want the best people to lead it.If you feel you are the special person / team we want to partner with to develop your country, get in touch. 


Area Managers


Area Managers / Franchisees are resposible for the recruitment, maintenance and education of a diverse portfolio of high quality iconic local merchants in their given territory.  You will work as an Independent business owner, developing an income from incentivised cardholder purchases in your area. Responsible for local promotion, and aggregating local event information, the more buzz and trade you send your local merchant portfolio the more money you make. For the right individual income can be substantial. You will be professional, creative, organised, and sales focussed, reporting directly to the Country Development Agent or their Regional Development Managers. If interested in this role in your area get in touch now.


Cardholder Registration Managers


Recruiting cashbackAPP users is obviously easy, yet you already know it takes a special person to grab a shoppers attention and get them involved in something. We are looking for leaders who are customer service focussed, can recruit, manage and motivate a team of 5-10 Promoters to get out there and create a buzz. For the right person this role can become highly lucrative, fast. You will work with the local Area Manager to develop merchants as well as cardholders in your area and take control of the whole consumer experience in your town. Once the job is done you'll reap the rewards year upon year. We are seeking Sales Managers and Trainee Managers who are not above, and moreover willing to, set the pace, and a great example in the field. 



Anything Else


We're always looking to work with people who believe in what we are doing. Those of you who have strong merchant or processor connections are always exciting to us, either as full time employees or simply occassional "deal setter uppers." Our tech team is always looking for creative and disciplined front and back end developers too. If there is something you can think up that you'd like to do, which fits with our goals, we may even consider carving you a bespoke role!